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Episode 64 - Boxx Hill

Look, if this is the way that you make the world better… I don’t want to be any part of it. - Alex Knightley

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"The segment in which Mr. Knightley humbles Emma is also critical to the novel because she weep after hearing Mr. Knightley’s words. The tears signify her shame over realizing the erros of her ways. They are also a sign of her growing love for him." - Marc Di Paolo

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"Alex, no! Please, come back!”

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It was badly done, indeed! 

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Lydia Martin + dresses.

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thanks dayeanne

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so I figured out how to do something. it’s not entirely perfect, but eh. (and yes, i did re-use a gif from earlier. i’m lazy) ((also emma’s shocked face is funnier if you imagine she’s actually watching him disappear, tardis-style))

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The saddest puppets ever: a progression. (Man, episode 64 was rough on EVERYBODY.)

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Anonymous mused: all your headcanons about Sally Jackson?


  • was only nineteen or twenty when she met poseidon
  • never resented having to raise percy by herself (like, not even once)
  • really small and petite
  • curly-ish hair and freckles
  • met paul because they both got lost going to the same lecture
  • really enjoys cooking because it’s relaxing
  • always gets up in the middle of the night to check on percy even after he turned sixteen
  • frequently teams up with paul to embarrass percy
  • carries a picture of percy when he was little as well as a current one
  • used to roller skate and take some kind of karate in highschool
  • was an honors student
  • had a bet with paul on when percy and annabeth would start dating (she won, obviously)
  • tried to put percy into a daycare when he was a baby but he cried so much on the way there that she turned around and took him home
  • resented her uncle a bit for not really being there for her until he got cancer and they ended up getting closer while she took care of him
  • the only woman who can make poseidon nervous

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